Advantages of furniture

Only the best materials

Exclusively pure wood, no recycled waste material in HANÁK furniture! Only above-standard quality material with CARB Phase 2 Certification. Currently, HANÁK NÁBYTEK is the sole manufacturer in the Czech Republic that produces furniture using this certified material.

Quality is contained in every detail

Not only quality materials, but also state-of-the-art SQUARE-LINE and SLIM-LINE processing technology (comprehensive sealing of furniture edges against water and water vapour) convert standard quality to top quality. HANÁK furniture frames have 4 times higher resistance to water and water vapour compared to the standard. Each HANÁK furniture component is worked with regard to maximum precision (+-0.1 mm) and resultant functionality.

Your health and the health of those closest to you

The International Cancer Research Agency put formaldehyde on the list of proven human carcinogenic substances in 2004.
HANÁK furniture has been tested periodically for 26 years and it contains 30 times less formaldehyde than stipulated by ČSN/EN standards.

Comfort and utility value are the priority

HANÁK QUATRO 150 is the best height and width system, which HANÁK NÁBYTEK has developed for the first time ever in the Czech Republic
+ optimum height of the kitchen worktop – no more backache!
+ more internal space in the bottom and upper cabinets
+ parametric production does not know the term “atypical”
+ ideal wardrobe and bedroom furniture solution
+ interior doors made to measure are decorative for any space

Top-class surfaces

Unique HANÁK varnish

+ 100% gloss
+ 100% water resistance
+ compactly sealed surface
+ temperature resistance from -35°C to 500°C
+ sanitary surface
+ UV hardening – high strength
+ UV hardening – higher resistance to scratching

HANÁK PREMIUM 7-layer varnish

26 years of experience in furniture varnishing has clearly proved the advantages of unique UV-hardened base and top varnish coats compared to competitors who use standard varnishing processes. Varnishing by means of thin mutually bonded layers guarantees the best possible surface quality. Application of 7 layers always results in better compactness and resistance of the furniture surface.

Nano varnish for veneer furniture

HANÁK NÁBYTEK uses the technology of transparent acryl-polyurethane NANO VARNISH with 5% gloss (deep matte) for veneer and solid wood furniture, including interior doors, at no additional charge. Not only does this constitute a significant shift in the natural look of the material, it also simultaneously raises the quality and utility value of the products. Surfaces covered with nano varnish look much more natural, the wood grain and its matte look are more realistic. The sensationally less visible varnish lends the veneers naturalness and beauty of raw wood.

Water or water vapour does not harm the furniture

Thanks to the state-of-the-art PUR technology, you need not fear for your furniture. Each individual component is precisely varnished and its surface is compactly sealed to prevent penetration of any moisture. All HANÁK furniture is regularly laboratory-tested for effects of chemicals, water vapour, mechanical resistance, colour fastness and deterioration of gloss. In all these aspects, it achieves the highest possible parameters.

Without loss of gloss

HANÁK furniture does not lose its gloss even after 15 years. The varnished furniture surface and its utility value does not change even after 15 years of standard use.

Same varnish colour shade

HANÁK furniture has the same colour shade even after 15 years. The change in colour shade after the entire 15-year ageing load process is 0%.

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