Advantages of doors

Damp resistance

Do not spend extra money for higher damp resistance. HANÁK interior doors offer it as standard. HANÁK NÁBYTEK rules out the use of water-soluble varnishes, which do not meet the water resistance requirement, and uses only high-end varnishes based on polyurethane.

Optional dimensions and colours

You do not have to be limited by standard dimensions and colours only. Thanks to the HANÁK manufacturing possibilities, we, as a matter of course, offer you door heights ranging from 1970 mm to 2700 mm. Even bevelled doors in lofts or any other non-standard types are not a problem.

Top-quality surface finishes

HANÁK door surfaces are finished using the same technologies as apply to the furniture. HANÁK 7-layer varnish guarantees above-standard quality of the varnished doors, and the NANO varnish in turn guarantees the quality of the veneer doors. The offer of harmonised furniture and doors is absolutely unmatched.

Top quality confirmed

The HANÁK interior doors have passed the toughest possible quality tests in the extreme chemical load and chemical resistance categories. The doors remained functional after the tests of the mechanical properties. The tests did not cause any damage or deformation to the test samples. The surface finish of the doors also exhibited excellent resistance to chemicals.

Unique design of the door leaf

The design of the door leaf has been improved so that you can enjoy every single opening. Thanks to a solid frame made from quality Czech wood, panelling and final coating of the door leaf, high firmness and resistance to deformations have been achieved.

Unique design of door frames

Each line of the frame is conceived so as to comply with functional and aesthetic requirements. The original rounded lining provides the frames with a sense of uniqueness.

Wooden door frames

Our door frames are distinguished by meticulous craftsmanship and aesthetic purity. The frames are produced in all surface modifications corresponding with the door designs, including high-gloss surface finish. They are inserted in the door openings in the final phase of construction, when the plastering has been finished and the floor is laid. Wooden door frames up to a clear height of 2100 mm are fitted with two hidden hinges, and three above a clear height of 2100 mm. All the surfaces and edges of the wooden door frames have such a surface finish that resists a humid environment.

Hidden door hinges

Tectus is a Latin word meaning “hidden”. As a standard we use completely hidden hinges in combination with semi-groove-free finish. These hinges make it possible to adjust the door in three axes. Thanks to this the interior door leaf perfectly fits in the door frame.

Magnetic lock and adjustable box staple

The magnetic lock with the adjustable box staple in the frame brings a new level of comfort when opening the door. When opening the door, the latch is in the front of the lock and is only pulled off magnetically once the door is closed. This mechanism allows more comfortable and quieter operation.

Unified look of the door and top fittings

The design of the handles is just as important as the design of the door. Besides a wide range of handles in seven surface designs, we can also offer you handles in the same surface design as the door leaf. You will be able to unify the appearance of the metal fitting with the door material or with the whole interior.

Individual approach and professional service

We supply all interior doors including full service, from professional advice to professional assembly.


The INTERIOR CONCEPT is one of the major philosophies of HANÁK NÁBYTEK. It is a complete offer of furniture and doors in matching design and craftsmanship quality. The latter is based on extensive experience with the production of HANÁK furniture. The production portfolio is practically unlimited and thanks to the offer of interior doors, it is also unmatched in Central Europe.


Production must never burden the environment. The effort of HANÁK NÁBYTEK is to ensure that the products are not only beautiful and of good quality, but also for their production to be very considerate to the environment.

Hallmark of originality

The hallmark of originality of HANÁK interior doors can always be found on the edge of the door leaf. Apart from guaranteeing originality of the doors, it is also a beautiful design detail.

100% under control

Bet on independence. All door development and manufacture is done at the HANÁK Design Centre and at the production plant in Popůvky. The process operations necessary for production of the door leaf and frame are 100% under control. The outcome is quality, which companies that rely on subcontractors cannot guarantee to you.

Integrated threshold

Upon your request, the door can be fitted with an integrated threshold which is inserted into the bottom edge of the door leaf. The threshold is not active when the door is open and does not disrupt functionality or appearance. After the door is shut, the threshold is mechanically activated and seals up the space under the door leaf.


Additional components that secure faultless door operation include the gasket which is fitted between the door leaf and frame. The silicone gaskets which our competitors commonly use lose their colour and flexibility over time and therefore no longer serve their purpose. The only gasket able to seal and dampen is the Q-LON gasket, which is used in HANÁK doors. This top-quality gasket made from polyethylene foam ensures constant flexibility.

5-year warranty

The high quality of the materials used together with the modern automated production and top-class surface finish make it possible to provide a standard 5-year warranty on all HANÁK interior doors and door frames.

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