Graphic design

1/ Initial meeting in our studio

For an introductory meeting where we will get to know each other, please bring with you the floor plan or any other documents you have available to help us design your new kitchen / interior. During the introductory meeting, we will guide you through our showroom, familiarize you and advise you on the selection of materials, colors suitable for your new apartment, flat or house. We will also provide you with information on appliances, worktops and other accessories suitable for your new kitchen / interior.

2/ Graphic design FREE of charge / Visualization

Based on the data and information from our joint introductory meeting, we will prepare a graphic design, visualization and quotation for you. We will go through the processed proposal / quotation together and in the final we will print the draft together with the dimensions and views of each walls. For the processing of the kitchen project is paid an advance payment of 200, – EUR VAT including. In the case of designing the entire interior is an advance payment of 500, – Eur VAT including. Quality and serious processing of your project requires time and experience of our designers.

If you like the proposal and sign the Contract of Work, these advance payments will be deducted from the price of the work in the form of a discount and you will have GRAPHIC DESIGN FREE OF CHARGE.

We will be pleased if you arrange a meeting date in our showroom at: Bratislava, Bajkalská 22 / or / Zvolen, Kuzmányho nábrežie 14, tel. numbers: +421 911 870 323/+421 910 993 771, or by e-mail:
We will be pleased to present you the other benefits of our family company URGELA.

3/ Installation drawings / technical documentation

After approval of the project (spatial layout) and quotation, we will prepare for you the technical documentation necessary for the preparation of the space before installation (location of electricity, water, waste, switches, sockets, lamps, etc.). This service is subject to an advance payment of 500, – Eur with VAT, which is refundable and will be deducted from the price of the work.