Modern kitchens

Modern HANÁK kitchens represent the best of what current trends have to offer while maintaining certain timelessness and neutral elegance. Never fleetingly extravagant or eccentric, they are essentially simple and easily readable in their design. Inevitably, they are fresh to look at and enjoyable even after many years. Our kitchen range offers a variety of models, each one attractive through some typical feature or design.

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5-year warranty on our furniture

We offer extended warranty. We believe in our work and products and therefore guarantee a full 5-year warranty on our furniture. A lifetime warranty applies to BLUM fittings, which are an integral part of our furniture.


Pull-out sorters

These sorters are made for ecologically-minded individuals who recycle and wish to integrate appropriate bins. Our waste sorting systems are thought out to the last detail.


The SERVO-DRIVE system gives you more freedom and comfort when opening drawers. Open the drawer electronically by a gentle pull of the handle or just a touch of the handle-free door face.

BLUM LEGRABOX Design drawers

We have selected only the best from BLUM for our drawers. The new LEGRABOX system has received many awards at the international level. It has the power to impress with its simple and slim design, sleek sideboards, comfortable slide system, smooth operation and up to 70 kg load capacity.

Traditional craft

Honest and irreplaceable, our craftsmanship is embodied by our professional personnel proven by years of experience. Patina coating, brushing, shaping wood and similar jobs require experienced human hands. These hands are responsible for the most beautiful classic and rustic HANÁK kitchens and furniture.

Most advanced manufacturing technology

HANÁK FURNITURE was the first in the Czech Republic to introduce highly sophisticated technology in the area of furniture for the application of polyester paint on MDF in high gloss. The experience and continuous improvement gives it one of the finest finishes on the Czech and global markets.

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