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HANÁK NÁBYTEK, the biggest kitchen manufacture in the Czech Republic

HANÁK NÁBYTEK is the biggest manufacturer of kitchen furniture in the Czech Republic. Ever since its inception more than 30 years ago, it has been developing and improving all aspects of its products. We constantly innovate product appearance, that is first-class design, as well as utility and technical parameters. HANÁK’s products are made from the highest quality materials, harmless to your health and manufactured using cutting-edge technologies.

Quality in every component

The furniture world today can be very difficult to navigate. Kitchens that may seem identical at first glance could differ significantly with regards to quality and value. It is not about the price tag anymore. Clever advertising can hide any potential shortcomings and distract customers from what really matters: the quality of materials and workmanship, which most impact on service life, utility value and proper functioning of the whole furniture set. A thorough comparison of all the important parameters is therefore much recommended. Do not underestimate the selection process and ask what you are buying for your money. Enjoy quality and tailor-made products.

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