We played our cards right when we decided to extend maximum our range of products. We wanted to offer our furniture into every room and at the same time the furniture suitable for every atypical space. That was the reason why we chose the way of bespoke furniture and nowadays we profit from this good decision. The whole interior completed by one manufacturer is always more than the interior composed of various segments delivered by different suppliers. It does not only refer to the harmony of design but above all harmony of quality, which our customers are well aware of. They usually come to get a kitchen unit or living room but more and more often they leave with designs for their whole interior or its larger part no matter of whether it is purchased by means of mortgage at once or purchased gradually.



The current trends help us significantly. If you go through any of the lifestyle and living magazines, you will see favourite photo stories taken at various display houses and apartments that are often designed in architect studios or by renowned architects. Most these interiors are custom designed ones and make a perfect harmony between identical finishes and the furniture in one design that is made more appealing with interesting and original decorations. Architects themselves recommend making whole interiors completed with bespoke furniture provided by one supplier. Nevertheless, there is few of such suppliers in the Czech Republic. We would like to mention that there is no similar producer or supplier on the market that could offer in their own production both furniture and interior doors. We have no competition in this sense. You will not find any other manufacturer with such a portfolio.





The bespoke interior has many advantages. Besides complex quality guarantee provided by one supplier (you do not have to solve potential different problems from different deliverers), the continuing and consistent appearance is another advantage. Such furniture in one chosen model and design possesses one line that connects the whole interior so you feel comfortable in such a place. Concerning the interior planning, our designers think of decorations, applied colours in the interior and above all atypical solutions to the bespoke furniture so that the customer is satisfied. Our visual plans of the custom designs are well elaborated and truly present the real future appearance of the interior – this helps for customers to make a better decision.



If customers solve the whole interior from the ground, it is essential for them to come to our showroom in time, practically in the phase of the rough building so that they have a chance to solve the interior doors of our production. In terms of the doors, we can produce specialities such as doors into lining, atypical doors with bevelled edges as well as doors with fanlights. Our doors are in high quality and design. In association with our interior doors, we do not have competitors on the Czech market. Many customers who do not have the information or underestimate the potential of the HANÁK doors, regret later they missed the chance to make a perfect harmony between our interior doors and interior equipment of our brand they decided for before. Our offer of bedrooms, closets and wardrobes, equipment into children´s rooms or home offices, the same as bathroom furniture is a matter of course for us.



Nowadays there are high demands of the living standard. In this respect, besides the appearance of the product, it is necessary not to underestimate its quality if you want to be satisfied with the thing for a long time. Customers still focus on prices and thus they do not make a right comparison. The offers that look similar differ in quality of the product very often. The quality itself is the most important parameter of the lifetime and usage of the furniture. You can buy a piece of furniture that will serve you for five or seven years. On the contrary, you can choose the furniture that will be beautiful and practical still after twenty or twenty-five years of its usage.